Mojave 3: Spoon and Rafter

Mojave 3 seems to have a fairly rabid fan base, apparently the kind of folks who would tend to have out of body experiences backpacking across the American Southwest. This Brit-pop working man's band- some of the members still have day jobs- scales to newer heights with its latest full-length, "Spoon and Rafter." The band has fessed up to a fascination with vintage moog synths, even boasting it could release an album of synthesizer scribbles and doodlings, yet it opts for dreamy rock landscapes full of lush vocals, chiming synthesizers and singing guitar lines.

On their track "Billoddity," we hear a plaintive overview of a relationship, reminiscing of getting high and holding hands; simply holding on. The song dips into moments of spare acoustic guitar strums- punctuated by far away effect oscillations- before turning to soar on the weight of the band and lush vocals, flying through some stratospheric choruses. A simple, clear guitar melody weaves its way through the tail of the song; the impression is of living in a moment that has no ending, a melodic version of circular breathing.

If you're ever in one of those situations where you'd like to listen to some dreamy rock, yet you're surrounded by electronic die-hards, this one would go over alright on account of the bubbly electronics underneath it all. If you ever listened to the Dream Academy in the 80s, or like the Tucson, Arizona, band Calexico, this one's for you.

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Mojave 3
album:Spoon And Rafter (4AD)
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