Turing Machine: Zwei

Somehow, I generally think that music that is loud, fast and long tends to be better live. The new Turing Machine album, Zwei, proves this point. Full of pounding drums and riff after riff, the album is made up of only seven songs, ranging in length from one minute to thirteen. Though certainly math rock and stoner metal-ish all at the same time, I can't imagine any situation in which this would actually be a good album to actually sit down and listen to.

Maybe I don't drive through enough back country roads bombed out of my mind, or get turned on enough by synthesizers and guitar tricks, but it feels like this album falls below potential. If an album is going to be math rock, fine. Then have obscure song titles and looping rhythms. If it's going to be stoner metal, then write up some crazy lyrics, or title the songs "Dragon Voyage," etc. Both genres are totally legit, and while there's something to be said for albums that actually defy genre, this just isn't exemplary enough. It leaves me lukewarm, and that's never comfortable.

Andy Heater
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Turing Machine
song:Don't Mind If I Don't
album:Zwei (French Kiss Records)
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