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Welcome to the betterPropaganda digital music newsletter. Every two weeks we will be sharing the really important industry developments from media sources around the globe. We also hope to provide insight into what these developments mean, dispelling existing myths and offering reliable perspectives from a broad variety of sources.


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Sound of Music
When did you last read anything about an MP3 music player that mentioned the quality of the sound it reproduces?

Pew File-Sharing Survey Gives a Voice to Artists
The battle over digital copyrights and illegal file sharing is often portrayed as a struggle between Internet scofflaws and greedy corporations.

New swap shop for Napster founder
Few in the tech world need an introduction to Napster's founder, the college dropout whose revolutionary file-swapping technology shook the foundations of the $11 billion record industry.

Musicians 'upbeat' about the net
Musicians are embracing the internet as a way of reaching new fans and selling more music, a survey has found.

Online Radio Audience Tallies Released
4.1 Million People a Week Listen to Three Major Online Radio Networks According to comScore Arbitron Online Radio Ratings

Study: Subscription services to drive digital music
Subscription-based music services are becoming popular among young adults and will eventually outgrow a la carte song downloads, a new study predicts.

Online music download services come to Poland
Polish internet portals and Wirtualna Polska are in the process of launching legal music download services for Polish users.

Report asserts Kazaa makes the rules
Setting aside Sharman Networks' objections, an Australian judge accepted on Friday an affidavit with potentially damaging assertions about Kazaa's handling of copyrighted material.


This is the section of the newsletter where betterPropaganda provides information necessary to dispel existing music industry misconceptions. As you know, erroneous beliefs are bound to be a part of any rapidly changing business, and we’re hoping to direct our readers toward reliable responses to some of the prevailing and developing misconceptions.

Three industry myths debunked
A couple months ago, the LA Weekly ran an article that provides insights into several notoriously incorrect assumptions about e-Music and the recording industry. The first myth debunked is that file-sharing will destroy the existing music industry’s main revenue models; the second is that industry sales are down - in reality - they are not; and finally, that record labels will become irrelevant as the industry moves increasingly toward models of direct distribution.


betterPropaganda 2004 Year In Review
After a series of heavily arbitrated and heated discussions full of concessions, the betterPropaganda team was able to come up with a look at the best of 2004 from our vista in the world of online music.

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