The Unicorns: Live September 6th, 2004

The Unicorns
September 6th
Vancouver, BC
Victory Square Block Party

Having garnered quite the reputation over the past year as a group of miniature Wayne Coynes, The Unicorns' strange blend of raunchy guitar and treble-intensive synth beats have brought all the closet believers of unicorns out into public for perhaps the first time since My Little Pony figures went on sale.

Taking the stage dressed all in white, The Unicorns danced and pranced their way through most of their indie-acclaimed Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?. Seeing as they only have one album and one EP released, most of the album was heard through out the hour-plus set. The 'Scrubs' cover went over well with the mostly 20-25 aged group of indie-pinkos who came out for the day long festival aimed at drawing attention to numerous issues around the globe. I can't comment on the rest of the days bands, considering I only showed up for the Unicorns set. Friends who had been lingering all day quickly noted I hadn't missed much at all. The Unicorns set did seem to drag a little in the latter parts. The 3 way, telephone dialogue skit between the 3 members about the latest Ghostbusters figure that one of them had bought was a tad bit lame, but as a whole, the show was well worth the drive.

But as night fell on the city, it was The Unicorns keeping the people from anti-social behavior a la curling up with the latest Douglas Coupland novel. They blasted their way through the set, ending with the "I Was Born (A Unicorn)', a somewhat idiotic, yet clever song that indie-prancers around North America, and the globe for that matter, have learned to love over the past year. During this song, they pulled what appeared to be a homeless man onto stage who had been lingering stage right the entire show hootin' and hollerin' like only a lonely old hobo could do. When he got passed the microphone, he let out a more than triumphant 'Hey ya oh ha ha woo'; the crowd of 700 plus showed their new found love for hobo-dance-improv and cheered the man on. It was perhaps the greatest 2 minutes of his life dancing up there, throwing his arms around and acting in such a way that would get him arrested on any other night of the year. Thinking back though, rumor has it that such antics are common for The Unicorns, so perhaps this less then well-dressed man was merely another prop in The Unicorns long line of antics. I don't know, nor do I care to find out the truth

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