Outside Lands 2012: Day 2


Posted at 12:15pm, 8/14/2012

betterPropaganda contributor, Fabian Molina headed to Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco last weekend to enjoy the music, food and weather (not so much.) Check out his photos below from Day 2:

Day 2 at Outside Lands had now come and gone. All I could say as I sat in the comfort of my own home was, Thank You to the weather Gods for giving us a warmer day. As I rode to the park on my bicycle I realized how amazing it was to have free bike valet at the festival. I left my bike and went on my way.




Once I began my walk into the festival I could tell that Day 2 was already going to be a bigger day than Friday. The herds of people were dense. Like buffalo, we were roaming the earth for the next spot of good grass to sit upon. I found a nice green spot next to the Twin Peaks stage and set up shop there for a bit. Geographer was up next. Again and again, they kept bringing up our spirits with every song they performed.





As great as it was, I couldn't stop there. I needed more. I needed something that would pierce the core of me. Something that would knock me out of my Van's and then grab my heart and squeeze it until a single tear came out. I knew exactly what I needed, and exactly where I would find it. The Sutro Stage was already packed with people when I got there. And we were all there to see Brittany Howard and her band, Alabama Shakes. We are extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to hear her voice at Outside Lands. It had been something I had been looking forward to for a long while. My single tear came out during the song "I Found You." And that's when I new I needed to get my spirit lifted again.





My plan was to get to the front of Passion Pit by sitting in on the Big Boi set. I got as close as possible to the front and planted my self there all night. I knew I would not be leaving that spot until the lights went out that night. I don't know too many of Big Boi's solo tracks, but thankfully he played a bunch of OutKast standouts from earlier in his career. Next up came the moment everyone was waiting for: Passion Pit. This is where I felt the festival take a turn into the more aggressive side. People were crowd surfing and getting thrown all over the place. I swear I thought it was an Odd Future concert for a moment. But then Michael Angelakos' voice came piercing through the air. We all got our took time to forget who we were for a moment and just be.





The night continued. Sigur Ros majestically came onto the stage and gave us a breathtaking performance. Being huddled up in the cold with everyone made it bearable. Every now and them a gust of wind would rush and hit my back and make it all worth while.The night ended on a beautiful and positive note. Making us sure to come back for more on Sunday.








- Fabian Molina

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