Explore this Hip Hop Goodness.

  • LOW DEEP - we've got some of that UK grime for ya here. pre-release from the Run The Road Vol. 2 record!
  • KANO - more grime style, "P's and Q's" from the first Run The Road.
    DEPTH AFFECT - "One Day or So" featuring Cyne on Autres Directions In Music.
  • ACEYALONE - hott pre-release, Acey and RJD2 collaboration on Decon Records.
  • CAGE - Hell's Winter on Def Jux.
  • BLOCKHEAD - instrumental hip hop on Ninja Tune.
  • LADY SOVEREIGN - British grime MC debuts BIG in the U.S.
  • BLACKALICIOUS - fifth release for these influential Anti- artists.
  • THE FREE DESIGN - remixes out on Light in the Attic.
  • PRINCE PAUL - undisputed king of the concept album, new LP on Antidote.
  • ELIOT LIPP - great beats out on Hefty.
  • COLOSSUS - an exlusive remix for us!
  • DANGERDOOM - Danger Mouse and MF Doom team up for history in the making.
  • DABRYE - Ghostly beauty.
  • GHISLAIN POIRIER - big dirty beats on Beat as Politics.
  • DJ MUGGS vs GZA - The Genius and the DJ together on Grandmasters.
  • DARKAT - "Channels" on Nutmeats Recordings.
  • DR. ISRAEL - ROIR re-introduces one of the landmark albums of the last decade.
  • EMANON - The Waiting Room on Shaman Work Recordings.
  • INTENSE - "A Healthy Obsession" on Defend Music.
  • INNERSTANCE BEATBOX - "Helium Disco" is one of our favorites from '05.
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