Teengirl Fantasy: Tracer Preview


Posted at 3:45pm, 6/6/2012

Teengirl Fantasy has just announced their sophomore LP, Tracer due out on August 21st via True Panther Sounds. Check out the teaser video below:

On their sophomore LP, Tracer, Teengirl Fantasy cuts through some of the haze of their earlier recordings to create their most compositionally sophisticated work yet. "It's more focused, far-reaching and it takes more risks." Unlike 7AM, Tracer is completely sample-free and features an array of vocalists including Panda Bear, Romanthony (of Daft Punk's "One More Time" fame), Laurel Halo, and newcomer Kelela. For the songs with vocalists, their approach is, "a wacked version of the pop format." The album is sonically maximal and symphonic, with heavily layered songs containing multiple elements. "The editing is more painstaking- there's more crafting to the songs," says the duo. Although Tracer touches on an array of genres such as techno, pop, R&B, and house, it simulates a cohesive journey.

Tracer Tracklist:
1. Orbit
2. EFX feat. Kelela
3. Eternal
4. Pyjama feat. Panda Bear
5. Mist of Time feat. Laurel Halo
6. End
7. Vector Spray
8. Inca
9. Do It feat. Romanthony
10. Timeline

Tracer will be out August 21, 2012 on True Panther Sounds / R&S.


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