Simian Mobile Disco: Seraphim


Posted at 2:10pm, 4/26/2012

Dance duo Simian Mobile Disco will be releasing their brand new album Unpatterns on May 14 via Wichita Recordings. We have the lead single for the album, a track called "Seraphim" - check it out below.

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Simian Mobile Disco premiered their music video for "Put Your Hands Together" today. Watch the video below:


The mind-strobing, eye-melting animated tour de force pushes the envelope of design and animation to new heights, with ISO Studios’ Hans Lo creating an extraordinary 7-minute odd odyssey of rapidly mutating lines and shapes which strangely mirror the beats and pulses of the track itself, ending up as something endlessly mesmerizing and gently hypnotic.

Unpatterns Tracklisting:
01 I Waited for You
02 Cerulean
03 Seraphim
04 A Species Out of Control
05 Interference
06 Put Your Hands Together
07 The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
08 Your Love Ain't Fair
09 Pareidolia
10 Everyday (iTunes bonus track)


Unpatterns is out May 15, 2012 on Wichita Recordings.


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