Skream & Benga: Dubstep Pioneers


Posted at 2:30pm, 4/11/2012

Skream and Benga, two of the worlds first dubstep producers, helped define the genre in London over 10 years ago. Both artists began developing their own unique sound through their solo careers and are currently collaborating and touring together. They have recently started a new residency as DJs with BBC Radio 1 and have also just released a dubstep EP with Scion. They kicked off their American tour at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco in March. betterPropaganda contributor and photographer, Ryan Hughes, took the below shots during their SF performance. We highly recommend clicking on each photo to view them in their larger format.

Be sure to download a free track from their recent EP Scion A/V Dance: Skream & Benga. Download link is below the following photos.














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