Squarepusher Announces Ufabulum


Posted at 12:30pm, 2/29/2012

Squarepusher has just announced details for his next release. The album, titled Ufabulum, will be released May 15, 2012 in the US. A handful of tour dates have been announced with more dates coming. Squarepusher has also put out a super short trailer in support of the album, which you can catch below:

"I've started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive" - Squarepusher

Squarepusher Tour Dates:
March 15 – New York, NY (Webster Hall), USA
April 21 – Sonar Tokyo, Japan
May 3 – Donau Festival, Austria
May 12 – Sonar Sao Paolo, Brazil
June 15 – Sonar Barcelona, Spain
July 6/7 – Bloc Festival London, UK
July 12 – Dour Festival, Belgium
*Further dates to be announced*


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