Mouse On Mars: New Album Out Soon


Posted at 10:15am, 2/16/2012

Mouse On Mars has not released an album since Varcharz back in 2006. On February 28th they will release Parastrophics on Monkeytown Records. Over the course of ten albums, not to mention an avalanche of side projects, remixes and collaborations, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars established themselves as two of the most inventive and unpredictable artists in electronic music.

After 9 studio albums released on well established labels such as Domino, Thrill Jockey, Ipecac and Rough Trade, Mouse on Mars have now found a home on one of today's most prolific electronic music labels: Monkeytown. Mouse on Mars have also developed their own musical software which they used in the production of Parastrophics as well as in the their live performances of Paeanumnion. Two years ago the band relocated their studio to Monkeytown’s homebase of Berlin where Parastrophics was recorded and mixed.

Listen to Mouse on Mars' "Polaroyced" here:


Parastrophics Tracklisting:
01. the beach stop
02. chordblocker, cinnamon toasted
03. metrotopy
04. wienuss
05. they know your name
06. syncropticians
07. cricket
08. imatch
09. polaroyced
10. gearknot cherry
11. bruised to imwimper
12. baku hipster
13. seaqz

Mouse on Mars’ Parastrophics is out February 28, 2012 on Monkeytown Records.


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