Rob Sonic: Telicatessen

To say the production on Rob Sonic's Def Jux debut Telicatessen is "futuristic", or "next generation", or even just "amazing" is like saying that water is wet. The obviousness becomes apparent the instant you dip your toe in. Or your ear.

Showing off an impressive vintage gear collection, Rob gets all moogy-loogy on our asses with the opening head-nodder "Strange Hammer" and doesn't quit pumping the funk till the end comes 13 tracks later, only changing the pace twice for a few Mike Ladd-ish psychouts. Add to this an absolutely crushing and distinctly rhythmic vocal delivery filled with abstract, paranoid rhymes about the "future" and other things I can't make sense of, and you have hands down the most compelling and enjoyable hip hop album I've heard in years.

Bradley Whittle

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