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Posted at 3:30pm, 1/12/2012

SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. The Electronic Frontier Foundation describes SOPA as the "blacklist bill" because it would "allow the U.S. government and private corporations to create a blacklist of censored websites, and cut many more off from their ad networks and payment providers." Opposition to SOPA has reached a boiling point. Millions of activists, hundreds of startups, social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter and even big companies like Google, Yahoo! and eBay have joined with Free Press and other Internet advocacy groups against it.

This Web-censorship bill could destroy free speech on the Internet. Yet this bill - and the backlash against it - have received virtually no coverage from major television news outlets. According to a recent study by Media Matters for America, the blackout has been complete, with ABC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC and NBC devoting zero time to the issue during their evening newscasts.

Learn more about what is happening and what you have the power to do by watching this quick video below:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

If you're curious who in Congress supports SOPA and PIPA/Protect IP, then check out this link -

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the internet censorship bill on Tuesday, January 24th, and unless we can find 41 senators to block the vote, it is going to pass. Will you meet with your senators and ask them to vote it down? Get more information, below:


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