New Album Releases: Dec 6 2011


Posted at 3:30pm, 12/6/2011

Our new album release list for the coming week goes up every Tuesday. Check out what's dropping December 6th, grab mp3s and catch up on what you missed from previous weeks.

Tuesday, December 6th:

The Arctic Monkeys: Suck It and See vinyl
The Black Keys: El Camino [ new mp3 ]
Brian Eno: Small Craft on a Milk Sea vinyl [ mp3 ]
Fennesz + Sakamoto: Flumina [ *new* mp3 ]
Gold Panda: DJ Kicks vinyl [ *new* mp3 ]
Guided By Voices: Doughnut for a Snowman vinyl [ *new* mp3 ]
Lucero: Mi Secreto De Amor [ mp3 ]
Phantogram: Nightlife vinyl [ *new* mp3 ]
The Tallest Man On Earth: Shallow Grave reissue [ mp3 ]
Throbbing Gristle: Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits
Wives: Roy Tapes [ mp3 ]

Released Last Week:

Atlas Sound: Parallax/Oh Ricky vinyl [ *new* mp3 ]
Black Keys: Chulahome reissue [ mp3 ]
Calexico: Road Atlas 1998-2011 [ mp3 ]
Death Cab for Cutie: Keys and Codes Remix EP [ mp3 ]
The Fall: Ersatz GB [ new mp3 ]
Giant Sand: Chore of Enchantment remastered [ mp3 ]
Guided By Voices: The Unsinkable Fats Domino [ mp3 ]
The Antlers: (Together) EP [ *new* mp3 ]
Trentemoller: Reworked/Remixed
Ty Segall: Singles 2007-10
Weakerthans: Left & Leaving reissue [ new mp3 ]

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