Photo Exhibit: Victoria Smith


Posted at 11:35am, 11/28/2011

Join us this Wednesday in San Francisco to view photographs from Victoria Smith + Hilary Hulteen. Our very own Victoria has taken beautiful photos for betterPropaganda at festivals and concerts across the country, including SXSW, Outside Lands, Austin City Limits and the Treasure Island Music Festival.

LAST NIGHT SALON of Photographs by Victoria Smith + Hilary Hulteen
Dirty Places, Rockstars and other beasts

- Wednesday, November 30th; 6pm - 11pm
- Little Raven's Gallery
- 1015 Howard Street Between 6th and 7th, San Francisco, California
- 6pm - 11pm
- Photos will be for sale

Laura Kudritzki at Little Raven's Gallery is hosting The Last Night Salon of Hilary Hulteen and Victoria Smith's photo show of dirty places, Rockstars and other beasts. It's a night for hanging out, rocking out and making out (with any luck) amongst cool and inspiring photos... as by the next day, the show will have left town.

Debonair rock and roll bands The Hooks and the Ferocious Few are gracing the night throughout with intimate performances, along with operatic selections from Caroluna. Wine and whiskey will be pouring. Come see, do and be.

Hilary Hulteen:
Victoria Smith:
Ferocious Few:
The Hooks:
Broc Cellars Winery:

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