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Posted at 2:30pm, 10/21/2011

Have you checked out the popular playlist site, 8tracks, yet? If you're unfamiliar, 8tracks offers an extremely simple way for people to share and discover their favorite music through user-generated playlists. Each mix must contain at least 8 tracks and there are thousands of them on the site right now.

betterPropaganda has over 20 mixes on the site and we're adding more every week. It's a great to listen to our Weekly Song Recommendations and Festival Playlists. All of our mixes are also here on betterPropaganda, so you don't have to leave the site to listen them. You can head over to 8tracks though if you want to see all of our mixes on one page - while you're there create a few mixes of your own. We're adding more each week, so stay tuned!


If you are able to donate to help keep betterPropaganda going strong, please do. If not, just sit back and enjoy the music! Any amount is appreciated. Please feel free to donate securely through Paypal. Thanks for your support, we wouldn't be here today without our fans! For more information,

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