Rachel Goswell: Sleepless and Tooting

Rachel Goswell
"Sleepless and Tooting"

This is one of those songs that seems made for a soundtrack. No, not one of those blockbuster movie/blockbuster soundtrack tie-ins, but a song that seems tailored for a long silent stretch in an indie film (and wouldn't 'Sleepless and Tooting' make a great film title?). Where the main characters are winding along a picturesque country lane - the sparkling sun flashing through road side trees, flashing off our hero and heroine's teeth. The summer air whipping through a vintage car's big windows, tugging at their hair and clothes. Music that feels so right and so good with the scene, that you make a mental note to look up just who is singing that song.

It's Rachel Goswell - the oh, so feminine side of slowcore band Mojave 3 - the purring motor that helps this song shimmer and even shimmy a touch - all jangly, folky pop lifted up by a reedy, whistling organ. Now you'll have to excuse me as my co-star and I have to shoot this scene one more time... at least.

Alan Williamson
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Rachel Goswell
song:Sleepless And Tooting
album:Waves Are Universal (4AD)
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