Electrelane: On Parade

'On Parade'

This is the best Talking Heads song that David Byrne did not write. The anxious lead guitar, skittish drums, and frenetic rhythm guitar all induce paranoia on a par with Byrne's best work - like spiders on skin.

For only their second album, Electrelane, a British all-girl foursome, shows great promise with giant strides made between their two releases - that's two, count 'em, two. With vocals making only a brief appearance on the bands debut, 'Rock it to The Moon', they have stretched out this time - with Verity Susman making good use of her fascinating voice on the new cd, 'Power Out' (Too Pure Records), and especially on this track, 'On Parade'. The high pitched 'huh howz' alone make it a great driving song, but the propulsive rhythm section reminds me of the experimental Need New Body at times and that isn't driving music... maybe distracting and possibly crashing music, but let's hope not.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes
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