Ugly Casanova: Things I Don't Remember

Ugly Casanova
'Things I Don't Remember'

Opening with a metronomic click clack, embellished with backward snippets and swatches, this fascinating piece of music is brought to you by members of Modest Mouse, Califone, Black Heart Procession/Three Mile Pilot, and others. Musicians who have taken a song by a man who calls himself Ugly Casanova and given it the life he seems unable to. The true heart of this song is the lyric: 'Things I dont remember, there was dressed up alligator, there was cum on the piano, disco dancing neighbors, things i dont remember.... Undressed for the tailor, your skin was lightly salted, open up a can of loudmouth malted hi fives in your eyes, pushed the gas and now I'm kissing your thighs.

Strange? Yes. Strangely beautiful? Yes. Ugly Casanova? YES. A bit much? I don't think so.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes
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