From the Archives: Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You


Posted at 4:00pm, 4/1/2011

Jeremy from Fingertips joins us each month as he scours the betterPropaganda archives, highlighting gems buried a few years back in our database.

This month we bring you "Springtime Can Kill You" from Jolie Holland.

Rather than killing you I believe that spring is the perfect time of year for, among other things, a song this ripe and unhinged. Sounding like a lounge-based, accent-free Björk, Holland skates, slides, and flutters through the tune, all but deconstructing its wonderful melody--and making it all the Tom Waits-ishly more wonderful in the process. Holland by the way is actually making the opposite point her title implies, itself a neat songwriting trick: "If you don't go get what you need/Something's going to break on the inside"; springtime kills the part of you that needs to be killed, in other words; in other words, the blossoms and colors and scents and breezes force you to be as alive as you actually are all the time without realizing it, or at least try. The song, the title track on her 2006 CD on Anti Records features an upright bass, baritone horn, and Holland's fun-house whistle, and it's all crazy perfect. "So get out get out of your house," she purrs. So saying, I will.

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- Jeremy Schlosberg

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