Grand Mal: Shadowlandz

Grand Mal

I hear more than a little similarity to The Super Furry Animals in this song, but since both bands have been banging away at the same influences for years, it's no surprise that they would both conceive kissin' cousins - it's bound to happen - the 70s was the 'free love' decade, after all.

Grand Mal open the song, 'Shadowlandz' with retro guitar stirring memories of Mott the Hoople, but they don't let up there. As the song frolics in a dirty pool of 70s glam rock and Beatles non-chlorinated water it unleashes a new-born ghost: Marc Bolan's T-Rex produced by Beatles maestro George Martin. These are heavy ghosts here, made more so by the baggage handed them by years of hero-worship since their demise - therefore working in this branch of sorcery can cause some burns, but Grand Mal appear to emerge from their time travel unscathed, save for a hint of singed 70s hair and smudged eye liner upon re-entry.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes
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Grand Mal
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