Bubb Rubb Goes Woo Woo

Whistle tips. If you've ever heard them, they make any old car sound like an airplane coming to crash down on your head. Wheeeeooooo oooooooooeoo eoe oooooooooooooooooo screaming away for blocks and blocks. They were enough of a situation to cause a minor uproar in Oakland, and some acknowledgement from the Oakland City Government. The local news media had to do a story on it, and they send a camera person and TV commentator down to West Oakland, where they find a shop that installs the whistle tips on cars. They speak with Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis', who describe the whistle tip phenomenon in the local vernacular on camera for the entire Bay Area.

"You know what I'm sayin', ... the whistles go woo woo!" Says Bubb Rubb. His phrasing is captivating; he's undeniably charismatic: tellin' it like it is on screen in his Raiders headband, or peeling away from the cameraman in his vintage hot rod, whistle tips blaring.

The video clip hits the internet. And then the tribute web sites, music remixes and so on kick in. Bubb has become a minor internet celebrity, an unlikely meme, and a minor folk hero. A search for Bubb Rubb results in 3,720 matches on google, and more than a dozen mp3s that incorporate audio samples from the original TV footage are sprinkled across the net.

The moral of the story has something to do with being on the TV. If you're on the TV, well, dang, you're famous, it seems to be that simple. Woo woo!

Check it out, hit up google for "Bubb Rubb," or visit the slick tribute site at

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