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Posted at 3:45pm, 12/14/2010

Check out our Top 10 Features from the last year. We've included some of our best interviews with VV Brown, Morcheeba, Ariel Pink and Miike Snow (conducted by the great David Johnson-Igra) plus Festival Features including Austin City Limits and Outside Lands. Download mp3s from our featured artists to the right.

Miike Snow Interview - "We're doing something that is gaudy, bright, shimmery, and the vocals are loud at a time, when it's really the cool thing to have shit loads of delay on everything and sound psych-avaunt-insightful. I think there is a part of us that is an alternative to that by not having our lyrics be that hard or super coded. I think that there is a certain aspect of being fed up with the faddishness."

Kidz in the Hall Interview - "We felt there was still some contention as to who we were, and how we were different than anybody else, so I think this album is more a definitive album for us to let the fans know if you like it then cool let’s keep going, and if not that’s fine as well."

VV Brown Interview - "You do have to constantly evaluate every decision you make. Is this me? Sometimes it's really hard when you're an artist because it's the war between being you, and appealing to a mass market. Once I've proved myself, when it comes to the second album, you will start to slowly see the V.V. live come through and there will be such a strong foundation it will just grow."

Choir of Young Believers Interview - "I think that we all need to feel touched, or need emotional activity and I get that far more often by listening or playing music than I do from actually talking to people."

Ariel Pink Interview - "I was very private, insular, and very creative into my own dreamland. I did music in private as an escape from a lot of family hardships and stuff like that, and maybe just social hardships. I grew up with a kind of sense of inadequacy."

Morcheeba Live at the Fillmore & Interview - "Art needs beneficiaries. The music business has been starved of money. Everyone thinks that music is free, which means people can’t afford to make albums. They can make records at home on their own, and that’s great, but you still need money to market things and get on the road to tell people about your music."

Video Interview: Rusko - We thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with Rusko, the multitalented dubstep producer, for a chat before his last show here in San Francisco. Check out our conversation with Chris Mercer plus footage of his performance at Mezzanine. O.M.G.!, his debut LP is out now on Mad Decent / Downtown Records.

Outside Lands 2010 in Photos - Outside Lands 2010 scaled back to two days, but was twice as effective. The lineup for both days on paper described as “eclectic”by many media outlets (a polite way of saying “huh?”) actually made perfect sense audibly. Saturday was a smorgasbord of jam, party or dance bands. Sunday focused on head bobbing music intended for listening and two steps.

Austin City Limits Day 1 & Day 2 - Friday marked the beginning of Austin City Limits (ACL), the other major music festival in Austin, TX. Earlier this year, I made it to SXSW, Austin’s more famous major music festival. Spanned over 6th street bars, it was a totally different experience than (at least) Day 1 at Austin City Limits.

Treasure Island 2010 in Photos: Day 1 & Day 2 - Day one’s theme was clear: dance your face off, and if the person next to you isn’t dancing, dance their face off. The South African trio, Die Antwoord, was up early on the main stage. Surrounded by a growing hype and ballooning fan base, the outfit held their own, rattling off their unmistakable dancehall/rave/hip-hop hits.

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