November 12 2010: New Tunes


Banjo or Freakout is Alessio Natalizia, an Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer living in London. The first single from his self-titled debut album is up now. Check out "105" here plus other mp3s from Das Racist, Shugo Tokumaru and Teengirl Fantasy.

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Teengirl Fantasy - "Dancing In Slow Motion" {True Panther Sounds} [ mp3 ]

Das Racist - "I'm Up On That" {Mad Decent} [ mp3 ]

Shugo Tokumaru - "Lahaha" {Moodgadget} [ mp3 ]

Banjo or Freakout - "105" {Memphis Industries} [ mp3 ]

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Das Racist
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Shugo Tokumaru
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Banjo or Freakout
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