Bitter, Bitter Weeks: The Endlights

Bitter, Bitter Weeks:
'The Endlights'

The music of Bitter, Bitter Weeks is unadorned and yet... still, very nearly adorable. The men of Bitter, Bitter Weeks are one - namely award winning Philadelphian producer, Brian McTear - perhaps this accounts for the spartan nature of the recording. Who better to understand the concept of less is more, of hanging space between the instruments? The work here is quiet, subdued, like an atmospheric neo-folk artist such as Gravenhurst, but, crystallized, freeze-dried to a sharp grained essence.

McTear gives you guitar strummed, banjo plucked, keys tickled songs - all tied together by his liquid rasp, tailor made for indie stardom, but still the music may be too quiet for your average indie rock fan. This song sounds like a great demo for some soon to be over-hyped NYC indie band - if it wasn't for the sterling production. An album that I would definitely want to get a hold of (hype does not necessarily = bad and evil).

Although, I must add that this track, ‘The Endlights’, is a step closer to indie nirvana than previous Bitter, Bitter Weeks efforts and definitely does not resemble in any negative way even the most amazing demo. It is the polished work of a maturing artist with still fresh ideas.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes
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Bitter, Bitter Weeks
song:The End Lights
album:Revenge (My Pal God Records)
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