Modest Mouse: Float On

Modest Mouse:
'Float On'

This is upbeat. This is feel-good. This is Modest Mouse? ...the band led by Isaac Brock? Who has been described as moody, malcontent, self-indulgent, charismatic, deranged, and crotchety, to list but a few adjectives.

When the song 'Float On' first surfaced, many people began to pin 'song of the year' honours on it's happy chest. Now after it's had a chance to stall, to fade, to flake and peel like cheap paint, it hasn't - the buoyancy the song's energy first inspired continues to strut like a sated barnyard rooster. Isaac Brock's excited vocal carries the song, a voice tailored for 'indie' - you know the kind, pushed nearly to the point of fraying - it gives this well crafted song the edge it needs to live on in the memory of all who hear it.

'Float On' combines the moody noir of a John Vanderslice tune with the upbeat punch of Badly Drawn Boy's 'Once Around The Block'.

It should have 'song of the year' tattooed across it's proud chest.

Alan Williamson
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