Treasure Island 2010 in Photos: Day 1


Day one’s theme was clear: dance your face off, and if the person next to you isn’t dancing, dance their face off. The South African trio, Die Antwoord, was up early on the main stage. Surrounded by a growing hype and ballooning fan base, the outfit held their own, rattling off their unmistakable dancehall/rave/hip-hop hits- among them “Enter the Ninja” and “Evil Boy”- while dancing only as their music would allow: 7/8 half-naked continuous gyration, 1/8 booty shakin’. They may as well be putting on an act, but I can only hope their style takes hold in the prevailing counterculture winds and we all wind up dressed (or undressed) as they are for every one of their performances.

Die Antwoord





Four Tet


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