A Look Inside: The Brink Studio (page 4)


"I got along great with this old gear until one night, the tape wouldn't stop rolling...literally. If I was going to continue working with vintage equipment, I knew I would have to learn how to maintain it. To my own annoyance, I became rather obsessive about it."









"The studio is centered around a 42 channel 1978 MCI JH-500 series console. I love this desk because it has Jensen input transformers for the microphones, output transformers, and a four band inductor based EQ section using switches instead of pots for frequency selection and boost/cut. I soldered everything in the studio directly to the back of the console. I record to an MCI JH-24 16 and 24 track depending on the song or project. I mix to an Ampex ATR-100 1/2" 2 track. My tube compressor/limiter collection includes a Gates SA-39B, Gates Sta Level, RCA 86A-1, Collins 26U-1, Collins 26W, (5) Federal AM-864/U, GE Unilevel, (2) Fairchild Model C. I built (2) 1176 clones, and adapted (2) Russian made tube EQs. I recapped and in many cases rebuilt all of the vintage gear in the studio."

About Mike Reina: Mike formed the DC-based band, The Jackfields, and his current focus is a new band called THIS that he formed with Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and Jackfields guitarist Anthony Pirog. He currently is or has been a member of the DC band Phaser, Richmond, VA based Mason Brothers, and touring multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist for NYC based Dead Heart Bloom. Great Civilizations, the first release from THIS will be available for download mid October at bandcamp and the vinyl release will follow shortly thereafter. For more, check out

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