A Look Inside: The Brink Studio


This is the first in our series of music geek pieces, sort of a bProp "style" section. This week we're excited to bring you some shots of a studio called The Brink. The space is owned by Mike Reina. Jimmy Chamberlin, of Smashing Pumpkins, and Mike just finished recording an album in these confines under the moniker of THIS. You’ll hear more about that from betterPropaganda in the coming weeks.

Photographer, musician, and architect, Ryan Hughes visited Mike in his studio recently and captured this still-functioning monument to analog equipment for us.

- Ken M, Founder and Publisher


Mike Reina: "Aside from the obligatory 4 tracking in high school and college, my recording experience was mostly limited to digital until my band got an MCI 1" 8 track. I hate to admit that a machine could have the power to change my life, but there is more than enough evidence in the racks to conclude that It did."






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