Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records


Soundscreen Design (a product design company inspired by music) will release their next book, Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA, this October. This book is an exciting celebration of nearly 25 years of labor intensive 7-inch record packaging and design. Curated by Brian Roettinger, Mike Treff, and Diego Hadis, Touchable Sound features over 300 records and 600 bands, with an introduction from Henry H. Owings, and essay contributions from Simple Machine's founder Kristin Thomson, Amphetamine Reptile founder Tom Hazelmyer, Three One G founder Justin Pearson, and many more.

Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA chronicles the proliferation of underground music’s obsession with handmade 7-inch records. Examining bands and scenes from different regions of the USA, Soundscreen noted interesting trends in how and what people used to create these, not only musically creative products, but creative and crafty labors of love packaging. Whether it was West-Coast collage work, East Coast silk-screening or artistic hand-crafted box sets from the Mid-Atlantic region, this book collects some of the rarest and creative forms of 7-inch record packaging work.

Take Jeff Kleinsmith’s (Patent Pending) body of work for Sub Pop Records in the 90’s. Not only was he interested in the design aesthetic of the offset and silkscreened printing, more he incorporated experimentation with media itself. Often Die-cutting sleeves, using 7” mailer packaging as record sleeve, or off-set printing on static free bags, Jeff took medium and packaging art as an extension of the musician’s creativity and reflected that back to the consumers in new and unique ways.

This book is a documentation of the 7” record as artistic medium for many artists who might not even know that their ideas upwards of 25 years ago have created new inspiration among today’s young designers.

We here at betterPropaganda highly recommend checking out Touchable Sound, which is available for pre-order now and will be released October 5th.

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