Hangar 18: The Multi-Platinum Debut Album

Hangar 18
The Multi-Platinum Debut Album

"Where We At?" The lead track from Hangar 18's debut full length for the excellent Definitive Jux label has us riding on subway trains in NYC, percolating techno riffs bubbling over old school electro beats. These cats are callin' it real like they see it, over inventive backing tracks, full of sound effect break downs and rezzed out, droning synth lines. "Beatslope" stands out for lyrics like "Kama Sutra chicks / The kind that shoot the shit" and a super funky bass line. My favorite track on the album is the middle-eastern tinged "Hangar 18 and the Temple of Doom," loaded with full-on psychedelic sonic sorcery, trip out man. And we're not talking cute pop references like "this is the daisy age," we're talking heavy duty hallucinations and possible brain damage. My ears feel funny and I think the walls are moving.

It seems highly unlikely that Hangar 18- a new act on a massively hip indie label- will move multi-platinum units like their tongue-in-cheek title suggests- but who cares- these days, aside from Outkast I don't really gravitate towards any hip hop moving those sort of units anyway. Overall, these guys deserve major props for a refreshing take on instrumentation and their choice of lyrics; I'm reminded of both Dizzee Rascal's inventive East London style that breaks from the tried and true, and also Z-Man's sound effect heavy, spray paint mural-like audio arrangements. So yeah, Hangar 18 might not be millionaires anytime soon, but their adept artistic sensibilities are one of those things money just can't buy.

Terbo Ted

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