SFCoachella: Pretty Lights at Mezzanine


Last week was San Francisco's Coachella, the pre-Coachella Bay Area takeover, better know as SFCoachella (try saying that five times fast). While many fans decided to trek south for the real Coachella, the Bay Area got its own taste of the festival's offerings.

Pretty Lights at Mezzanine

Having seen RJD2 the week before, talked to Bonobo a day earlier, one might expect I’d be prepared for Pretty Lights. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t have anticipated the packed energy, the random smattering of people (ravers meet hip hoppers), the non-stop dancing, and the prompt start-time (which never happens at Mezzanine).

While touring, Pretty Lights (aka Derek Vincent Smith) is accompanied by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together, they created that extra kick in your step the way an Irish coffee does instead of boring black coffee. Unlike comparable groups (Ratatat, Madlib, MSTRKRFT), Pretty Lights isn’t characterized by a signature sound such as a saw-synthesizer, mashups, or alarm sample. Their set was fresh, crisply shifting between hip hop, house, and electro-indie—never reaching a dull moment. They were everything I had been told, but could have never expected.

- David Johnson-Igra

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