SFCoachella: Whitest Boy Alive at Slim's


Last week was San Francisco's Coachella, the pre-Coachella Bay Area takeover, better know as SFCoachella (try saying that five times fast). While many fans decided to trek south for the real Coachella, the Bay Area got its own taste of the festival's offerings.

Whitest Boy Alive at Slim's

"Alright this is the second song of our first show ever in the United States," explained Erlend Øye, as though the overly crazed crowd had lost all reasoning from their excitement to see The Whitest Boy Alive.. In fact this was probably true. The invigorated crowd danced away the night carefree from start to finish. Already surged with energy infused by Bay Area locals Sugar & Gold, Whitest Boy Alive "raised the roof" (which is in quotes because is it truly possible for a sea of plaid to raise the roof?). Midway through the set Øye even seemed in disbelief, stepping away from the microphone to observe the packed crowd. Everything seemed to be working out, as Øye ecstatically explained that the group even got to borrow Steve Taylor’s (Rogue Wave) 1978 Crumar synthesizer! Well, gee golly that thing there sounded swell! Some performances are more than memorable, this was one of them.

- David Johnson-Igra

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