April 9 2010: New Tunes


Light Lodge Records will be releasing the self titled debut from electro/synth 4 piece, SURVIVE, on April 20th. Download "Lunar Eclipse" here. We've also got new tracks from Deer Tick, Fol Chen and a White Hinterland remix. Have a good weekend!

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White Hinterland - "No Logic (Alan Wilkis Remix)" {Dead Oceans} [ mp3 ]

Fol Chen - "In Ruins" {Asthamatic Kitty} [ mp3 ]

Deer Tick - "20 Miles" {Partisan} [ mp3 ]

SURVIVE - "Lunar Eclipse" {Light Lodge Records} [ mp3 ]

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White Hinterland
song:No Logic (Alan Wilkis Remix)
album:Kairos (Dead Oceans)
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Fol Chen
song:In Ruins
album:Part II: The New December (Ast…
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Deer Tick
song:20 Miles
album:The Black Dirt Sessions (Parti…
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song:Lunar Eclipse
album:Survive (Light Lodge Records)
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