April 7 2010: New Tunes


The orchestral duo, Olney Clark, will release their debut self-titled album on April 13th. You can download "Josefin The Writer" here plus new songs from Sonoi, Archine Bronson Outfit, Cold Cave and The Glitch Mob.

You can download the following mp3s individually OR play them all in a row. Click on the artists at the right under Related Downloads to learn more about each band and see similar music suggestions.

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The Glitch Mob - "Drive It Like You Stole It" {Glass Air} [ mp3 ]

Cold Cave - "Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince Remix)" {Matador} [ mp3 ]

Olney Clark - "Josefin The Writer" {Friendly Police} [ mp3 ]

Sonoi - "Sherry Fall" {Meno Mosso Records} [ mp3 ]

Archie Bronson Outfit - "Sharks Tooth" {Domino} [ mp3 ]

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The Glitch Mob
song:Drive It Like You Stole It
album:Drink the Sea (Glass Air)
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Cold Cave
song:Life Magazine (Pantha Du Princ…
album:Life Magazine (Matador Records…
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Olney Clark
song:Josefin The Writer
album:Olney Clark (Friendly Police)
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ]
song:Sherry Fall
album:Sonoi (Meno Mosso Records)
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Archie Bronson Outfit
song:Sharks Tooth
album:Coconut (Domino Records)
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