Fun Tool for Upcoming SXSW - iPhone App, soundtrckr


Fun, new music tool for upcoming SXSW - iPhone App, soundtrckr

betterPropaganda founder, Ken Manning has been involved with designing the new iPhone app, soundtrckr. It's essentially web/iPhone Internet radio with geo and social features. betterPropaganda & soundtrckr have teamed up to create an unofficial guide to some of the artists playing SXSW, geotagging 100+ songs to venues where they're performing. People can also tag songs to their current location so friends can see where they are and what they're listening to. Other features include the ability to seed personal stations from a 7 million song database (so you don't hear the same songs over and over again), listen to the stations with friends in real time, and chat with other users for free.

You can download the app here:

Start creating stations around your favorite SXSW artists and be sure to also check out the betterPropaganda SXSW 2010 Guide & Mix with over 100 mp3s!

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