Feb 9 2010: New Tunes


DOOM (MF Doom) is out with a new EP, Gazzillion Ear, which Lex Records released in December. Check out "Gazzillion Ear" as well as new tracks from Bettie Seervert and the Afro-Rock Volume 1 re-issue on Strut.

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Bettie Serveert - "The Pharmacy" {Second Motion} [ mp3 ]

DOOM - "Gazzillion Ear" {Lex} [ mp3 ]

Okapi - "Love Him" {Illegal Art) [ mp3 ]

Steele Beauttah - "Africa" {Strut} [ mp3 ]

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Bettie Serveert
song:The Pharmacy
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MF Doom
song:Gazzillion Ear
album:Gazzillion Ear (Lex Records)
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song:The Next
album:Love Him (Illegal Art)
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Steele Beautttah
album:Afro-Rock Volume 1 (Strut Reco…
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