Jan 26 2010: New Tunes


Son Lux is back with a new EP out in February on Anticon. Weapons features new songs plus remixes from Nico Muhly, Polyphonic, and Alias. Download "Weapons V" plus three other free mp3s this Tuesday.

You can download the following mp3s individually OR play them all in a row. Click on the artists at the right under Related Downloads to learn more about each band and see similar music suggestions.

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Lali Puna - "Remember" {Morr Music} [ mp3 ]

Major Stars - "The Space You Know" {Drag City} [ mp3 ]

Holly Miranda - "Waves" {XL Recordings} [ mp3 ]

Son Lux - "Weapons V" {Anticon} [ mp3 ]

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Lali Puna
album:Our Inventions (Morr Music)
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Major Stars
song:The Space You Know
album:Return to Form (Drag City)
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Holly Miranda
album:Magician's Private Library (XL…
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Son Lux
song:Weapons V
album:Weapons (Anticon)
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