Jan 21 2010: New Tunes


The new Mux Mool record, Skull Taste will be out in March on Ghostly. We have the first single, "Lady Linda" for you here today. New tunes also from King Britt, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Shearwater.

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Mux Mool - "Cut Men" {Ghostly} [ mp3 ]

Shearwater - "Black Eyes" {Matador} [ mp3 ]

King Britt - "Now (featuring Astrid Suryanto)" {Nervous Records} [ mp3 ]

Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Let's Go Fucking Mental" {A Records} [ mp3 ]

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Mux Mool
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King Britt
song:Now (feat Astrid Suryanto)
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Brian Jonestown Massacre, The
song:Let's Go Fucking Mental
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