Low Skies: Sad Hymn

I don't know about you, but the voice of Low Skies has carved a nice warm spot into my brain, like a squirrel builds a nest in your attic- proceeding to scurry about at night unsettling you and those near and dear. AND the music ... the music is of the 'kinda like this, kinda like that' variety (kind of a countrified Tindersticks or a roughed up Gravenhurst) - a definite C/W melancholy seeps between the bits and pieces of bluesy squawls and rock 'n roll heart. The voice of Low Skies belongs to Christopher Salveter and on "Sad Hymn" it is beautifully paired with the slowly measured melody and traditionally evocative lyric.

Salveter and band mates (Jacob Ross, Jason Creps, Brandon Ross, and Luther Rochester) make Chicago their home base and should find good company in fellow Windy City musicians, Califone - whose Tim Rutili and friends have been whittling the same bluesy melancholy squalls as Low Skies, to a more violent point for years, since their earlier incarnation, Red Red Meat, but Low Skies operate in a more moody terrain - one more likely splattered with rain and drenched in organ swells than pots and pans percussion and electronic experimentation.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes

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