Best of 2009: Recap


All of our Best of Lists are here on one page for you to conveniently browse through. We've also included links to our Best of the Decade lists and Best Record Labels of the Decade. Read on...

Favorite Albums of 2009 - After digging through our Top 100 of the Decade lists, check out the following albums from 2009 that weren't on the countdown. A few of our favorite albums from 2009 are listed below.

Top 50 mp3s of 2009 - We've chosen the Top 50 out of hundreds & hundreds of mp3s that went up over the past year. If you'd like to peruse the full list of mp3s to grace the site, then check out our 2009 in Songs article where you can listen to every track that went up in '09!

Favorite Music Videos of 2009 - Illustration proved to be a big hit in video this year. Many cover the spectrum of animation including techniques like stop motion, claymation, and computer graphics. Be sure to check out Passion Pit's "The Reeling" and Fleet Foxes' "Mykonos."

Featured Artists & Interviews of 2009 - Check out our Top 15 Favorite Features from the last year. We've included Interviews, Album Reviews, Artist Spotlights and Live Reviews.

The Year In Songs - Find everything that went up in 2009 in our Monthly Batch of Tracks. You can download every single mp3 from the past year!

Best Record Labels of the Decade - The future of record labels is constantly in question. However, we at betterPropaganda believe that the labels that matter the most are here to stay. These labels are the cream-of-the-crop - the tastemakers.

Top 100 Albums of the Decade - Compiling a decade list is no small feat. 2000 to the present is compact enough to feel relevant to betterPropaganda's history, but stretches far enough back to include the artists who inspired us to start a site like this in the first place.

Top 100 Artists of the Decade - In selecting our Top 100 Artists of the Decade, we kept our eye on cultural and musical distinctiveness (yes, it's subjective - we know), innovation, longevity, and influence in the industry.

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