Squarepusher: Ultravisitor


Since the mid-90s, Squarepusher has been an absolute darling of the IDM world. Bursting onto the global scene with a sense of urgency punctuated by aggressive bass playing, jazzy ambient chords and wicked drum and bass sample cut-ups, he soon reached a large audience and found a comfortable home for his fresh idealism at Warp Records.

With his latest release, Ultravisitor, Squarepusher effortlessly proves the timeless adage "once an innovator, always an innovator." Moving into uncharted territories- striking in similarity to none other than Miles Davis' globe shattering Bitches Brew, this latest full length sends a strong signal to the electronic music community that the future is indeed upon us. While other electronic artists flirt with jazz flavored album cover artwork, retro-chic faux sophisticated samples and other musically tepid attempts at the genre, Squarepusher solidly stands at the very forefront of the jazz world itself, fearlessly taking charge of two mediums desperately in need of new leadership.

The album slowly builds in stunning complexity through landscapes and terrains suggestive of otherworldly magnificence. Maybe, in the past, musicians such as Jimmy Page- with his violin bow outburst in The Song Remains the Same- or Jaco Pastorius' work with Weather Report, have hinted at these auditory places inaccessible to mere mortals. Squarepusher, however, has a familiarity and comfort zone with these lofty heights that those others could only taste by the thimblefull. As a sorcerer, he wields musical elixir that asssaults with the intensity of lightning bolts from Zeus himself. By the time the record builds up to it's virtuoso peak with "Tetra-Sync," it's clear that this album will stand as a high water mark for an entire generation.

Bryant Brannan III

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