Featured Song: proj::echts - Flash Flood


One of the raddest blips on my radar is proj::echts (did I stutter?), and his latest effort may very well be the song that graduates him from “promising” to “arrived.”

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It’s kind of dreamy, kind of sleepy, and drenched in liquid, like an insomnia-driven walk through a persistent drizzle in the darkest hours of the early morning. You’ve got about three different pads sharing space at the outer edges of the mix, ducking in and out to provide a drony, atmospheric feedback, while the stutter-step drum beat starts out confident but trails off like a daydream near the ends of certain bars. Ten or twelve listens in, I’m starting to notice the subtle details that pull this whole song together – like the near-demure wobble that brings the entire track back into focus, seemingly snapping the drums awake again. In this case, I can’t say much more than what’s felt – grab the mp3 and pay him a visit for a few more looks at an artist I hope to hell will make the step into the public view soon.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

Check out proj::echts on The Sixty-One:

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