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Download a sampler from Lefse Records for FREE featuring Neon Indian, Phaseone, Julian Lynch, Sunnybrook, Tape Deck Mountain and more!

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We're pleased to share with you the Lefse Records FREE Fall/Winter 2009 digital compilation! Most of the artists below will be releasing albums, split 7 inches, singles, and whatnots with the label in the near future. Lefse Records is run out of a tree house in Northern California, their first release is Neon Indian's debut album, Psychic Chasms, out October 13th followed by many great artists from around this crazy planet.

1. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier 'activismV2'
2. A Grave With No Name 'Open Water'
3. The Silent League 'Here's a Star' (Neon Indian remix)
4. Emily Neveu 'Swallowing a Swallow'
5. Friend 'What Is It'
6. Calico Horse 'Ivory'
7. The Traditionist 'Three Legged Dog'
8. Giant Ears 'Fake Hotel'
9. Julian Lynch 'Two Babes in the Woods'
10. Julian Lynch 'Onward Flour'
11. Boddicker 'Your Smart'
12. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier 'Monuments'
13. Tape Deck Mountain 'In the Dirt'
14. Neon Indian 'Should Have Taken Acid With You'
15. Cuckoo Chaos 'Slowly Counting Down to Nothing'
16. Phaseone 'Marty & Sonietta'
17. Phaseone '(Only) Reprise'
18. Sunnybrook 'Willow Whale'

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