Best of the Web Series


Our Best of the Web feature spotlights a different website or blog each month. Check below for some of our favorite discoveries from around the web.

Largehearted Boy - Largehearted Boy is one of the most immaculately maintained culture repositories on the web.

Soul Sides - Soul Sides: unquestionably the best destination for compelling cuts that saw their heyday before this generation's time.

Online Presence for Under $10 a Year - A little change of pace in the Best of the Web feature this week - rather than spotlighting a website, we're focusing on a single article.

Rock Sellout - We dig the guys over at Rock Sellout, and in the past few weeks they've kicked up their quality output in a wicked way.

Muxtape - Yeah, Muxtape is already 100 in internet hype years, but we're hooked on the sheer simplicity and flexibility it offers.

Said the Gramophone - If music criticism is an artform, Said the Gramophone is the abstract impressionist of the bunch.

Fabulist - Fabulist is a cultural grab bag - music highlights, yes, but they also feature art and architecture, consumer culture, videos, oddball news, and whatever else comes on their radar.

The Sixty-One - The Sixty-One takes two very common ideas and merges them into one weird one. Like thousands of other sites, The 61 is a music discovery site.

Gabba - Gabba is user-driven: anyone can submit a song, but tracks are hand-picked for the front page by an editorial staff. - Anyone can throw together an internet radio station; nobody does it with more class and savvy than Samurai.

Iso50 - Scott Hansen runs, a blog that showcases amazing pieces of graphic design and architecture, as well as some very interesting selections of music.

Sublime Frequencies - They do one thing and they do it well: dig up rare records and compilations from under-explored genres and time periods, and present them to the public.

Motel De Moka - We love Motel De Moka for two simple reasons - wicked variety and impeccable taste.

Take Away Shows - Take Away Shows is probably the single most engrossing music video site around.

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