Song of the Day 7/6/09: Jogger - Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)


I was bummed I never got around to covering the fabulous Daedelus / Jogger split, but at least I can atone for my journalistic sins by wrapping two of my favorite producers around the same stone. Nosaj Thing is one of the fresher producers we've seen this year - he runs with Aether, Flying Lotus and the rest of that L.A. crew. Like Fly-Lo, Nosaj steps away from a fluid and atmospheric album to drop his hardest-hitting stuff in his remixes, and it's probably smart from a marketing standpoint: the remixes are more likely to come at us as one-off listening affairs. Don't let that cheapen the track, though - "Nice Tights" is thrown into the time-stretch machine, sampled into mesmerizing bits and pieces, pushed from funkier origins into a dark, deep place. All things considered, we dig Nosaj's work from either side. Oh, and go back and grab that Friends of Friends split - with Daedelus and Jogger, you'll find a superstar ushering in a superstar-to-be.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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