Song of the Day 6/30/09: Darlings - Teenage Girl


“Teenage Girl” by Darlings sounds like if Jens Lekman fronted The Modern Lovers. Like all lo-fi songs, “Teenage Girl” skates by on its simplicity and amateurish charm. Immediately, from the jangly two-chord swing intro and verses, the song seems as if it’s existed forever, buried in the shelves of a college radio station from the early 80s. You can almost trick yourself into hearing that slanted and enchanted hiss behind the sleepy, effortless melodies. The scratchy guitars and playful drums don’t so much propel the song forward as they shuffle them along, interrupted periodically by an amiable, connect-the-dots guitar/keyboard line. Then, just before you drift into a soft, guitar pop reverie, a squall of feedback snaps you back in time for a brief, gloriously distorted temper tantrum before it returns to its sunny demeanor. “Got the heart of a teenage girl,” indeed.

- Kevin Na

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