Song of the Day 6/24/09: Lusine - Two Dots


My first exposure to Lusine was his set at the Ghostly 10 Year Anniversary party, one of the few shows where I expected brilliance even from the unknowns, based solely on the strength of Ghostly's reputation. The massive lineup shattered my high expectations, and among names like Tycho and Michna, Lusine was one of the bright spots of the night. He composes music like a pointilist paints, with minute elements congealing to form an interconnected whole. "Two Dots" is a sampling of his refreshing form: echoes speckle the backdrop of this track, supplementing soothing vocals - some of them cut up and some of them whole, though the former is somewhat imperceptibly birthed from the latter. It builds steadily to the end, each new layer of echoes occupying a space which doesn't seem to exist until it's filled. Quite a fresh approach - we can't recommend this one enough.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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