Song of the Day 6/18/09: Nino Moschella - Continue to Call


"Continue to Call" has a little bit of a stylistic identity crisis at the start - from Spencer Kruggish detuned keyboard rock to electro/dance vibes - before it finally settles into its soul / funk cradle. Good thing - the bulk of the track by Nino Moschella trumps what was for me a skeptical start, spilling out from this freespirited core which so rarely comes naturally in music these days. Take or leave the "I'm gone and I'm empowered" relationship story - this one's good for mindless groovin' if you're so inclined. It's not as bombastic as most revivalist music - keeps it simple, thick bass and funky guitar trills, and Moschella's voice carries the whole song through with spectacular ease.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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