Song of the Day 6/4/09: What's Up - Harper


Math rock meets Nintendo-all-grown-up meets a legitimate songwriter for once - "yeah, that's What's Up!" Okay, I've been waiting to use pun ever since Content Imagination rocked my face off for the first time, but joking aside, "Harper" is indicative of what results from fly-by-night musical genres locking arms with a songwriter who knows his way around complex arrangements. Nurtured under the wing of The Advantage and Marnie Stern, Robby Moncrieff mixes jackhammer single-note repetition with whiplash time signatures to deliver the sort of stutter-step whimsy which is reminiscent - but not at all derivative - of his bandmates in projects past. "Harper's" a killer preview, but if you're into stuff like Marnie Stern, Hella or Battles, be sure to cop the album for the full effect.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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